A ring seems inconspicuous at first. It is easy to overlook that this is a high-tech product. For not only is it 100% environmentally compatible, it is also a reliable problem-solver and offers protection against production rejects and machine failure. But these are just a few of the benefits that set our premier rings apart from the rest

AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® has different products.

These are just our standard blends:


For cotton, wool, man-made fibre yarns and mixes of these.


Garnetted stock, cotton and cotton mixes, fine wool yarns


For cotton, wool, viscose, polyacrylics and mixes of these. High premier application.

The best for your productions


The purpose of our products is to reduce the friction level of yarns as far as possible. To help achieve optimum levels, AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® offers a range of different types that are tailored to suit production conditions in extremely different environments worldwide. Consequently, not only the yarn number or yarn quality is important: the room temperature and the humidity in the winding hall are also decisive factors for the smoothest possible winding results.

Permanent test series and research in cooperation with renowned textile machine manufacturers and laboratories ensure that special AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® types are matched perfectly to machine characteristics and conditions.

The AMBAL PREMIER WAX INC.,® application curve shows the ratio between the friction level and take-up by different materials such as man-made fibres or cotton yarns.The white area shows the optimum ratio.

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